Digital Marketing Jobs & Career Opportunities

                                                 Digital marketing is becoming mainstream in India. Until 2010, many businesses did not take digital marketing seriously. They were not ready to change and were stuck with traditional marketing practices. However […]

Why to choose Digital Marketing as a Career ?

In this modern era, many companies prefer to choose digital methods of marketing which results in increasing demand of digital marketers. With its constantly evolving landscape and new channels to discover and conquer, digital marketing professionals enjoy the most engaging and challenging niches in business today. Reasons why to choose Digital Marketing as a Career Option? Rising Demand […]

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Students

7 Reasons Marketing Students in India Should Learn Digital Marketing According to the survey of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) only 10 percent, MBAs in India are actually employable despite huge demand of MBAs. The main reason behind such a situation is the gap between industry relevant skills and education. At most, […]

Scope Of Digital Marketing

What is Scope of Digital Marketing in India ? Before we understand the scope of digital marketing in India let us first understand this industry. Digital marketing is a marketing method to promote products in online. So in simple terms, we can say that we are promoting our products to customers who are using the […]